Alizarin Refraction

by Human

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Brian3737 thumbnail
Brian3737 This album is a classic of technical, progressive death. I enjoy it much more than many albums by the bigger name tech death bands, because it has an emotional effect that so many progressive or technical death metal albums lack. Human have never made a bad album, but on each release they have grown exponentially. This is in my number three spot for the year so far, under Algleymi and Achatius, two black metal albums. It’s that good. Reminds me of Clavicus Vile coming out of nowhere last year. Favorite track: The Red Ocean.
Grunthor thumbnail
Grunthor One track in, title track...halfway thru, and I bought this masterpiece! It's so good, I'd be damned if I didn't! Easily surpassing Contemplating Soliloquy, this album is phenomenal, and a must buy for all fans of TechDeath with elements of Prog in it.

Wondering where/when the physicals are to be released! Double vinyl...LP1 full album, LP2 one-sided with track 11 and second side with Human etched on it! Sound like a plan guys? Favorite track: Alizarin Refraction (Unique Track).
Karan Sethi
Karan Sethi thumbnail
Karan Sethi Filling the tech-death void left by Necrophagist and Obscura. Love the Decrepit Birth style atmospheres.
Favorite track: Sempiternal Bond.
InvalidDreamException thumbnail
InvalidDreamException Very good prog death. Technical and emotional. 10 tracks, one song. Every song continues seamlessly and is a part of one long song. Even if each one is not so original, there is an entertaining story. They are a mesmerizing teller. ★
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released June 22, 2019


all rights reserved



Human Adria, Italy

"Human" project was born from Edoardo Boccato's idea.
Because of some disagreement with old members in the band's history Edoardo got left alone but continued to compose his Death Metal works.
After a short phase when "Human" was named "Pain", the whole thing found a concrete possibility with the meeting of Edoardo and Tommaso Pellegrini, who decided to dedicate himself wholeheartedly to "Human".
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Track Name: Ephil

Trapped into the wood of Ephil
Giving birth to tormenting: consequence of being on a quest for peace
Where pain and sorrow destroy the poetry of senses
Where branching shapes of cerebral tissue deceveing conscience
Nurture the dominance of the nihilism on the abstract, dripping venom into blood
Into the wood of Ephil
Seeking for a way out from regrets and memories of the past
Human achieves self- destruction caught by the embodiment of his darkness
Seeking for a way out
Trapped in vain
Track Name: The Red Ocean

Avoiding Self-Demise
Multidimensions scream their greif
A moment through eternity
Dragged off from existence, enveloping maelstrom
The Red Ocean
And everything was there:
The unsaid
Time relativity
Inconsistence of being
Lightness of soul lost in a dream
When a star dies the Universe weeps
Locked up in shells, chained in vicissitudes
Bewitched in waves, consumed in acceptance
Elaborating new meanings
Tearing sinful remorse, watery hermitage
I’m not alone
I won't be alone
Track Name: Patched Thanatopraxy

Accomodating interweaving of tremendous precision
Gesture that resound unbearable to the hearing
Moaning gifts offered to the ferryman
An attitude born, of the need to satisfy the miserable perversion that flows from decadence, individual homologation through Dyonisian dancing art
Urging the twilight defused meanness now rendered deaf from the progressive chant of religion
an imaginative dreamlike
Manifestation of emptiness
Existence devoted to purifying contemplative eradication from human passion that inhibit reincarnation
Harmonic alteration of unequal duality
Perpetual clash projected on incompleteness
Pressocratic flattening celebrates naturalistic discernment
Chaotic structural aggregation which incorporates the whole
As an inverted figure polymer, indivisible everlasting monstrosity
that hovers over the remnants of the apocalypse
Experience is the reflection of our memories, as abstract is the essence of matters
Timelines leads to the core
In depths of Human remorse
The sacred madness of abandon
The malignancy in debying your own self
Shredding your soul slowly torn
In utter indifference
Track Name: Sempiternal Bond

Hovering between hesitation and abandonment,
plunging into the risk armed by faith,
transcendence of impulses governed by the need of wisdom,
conformation of earthly activity of immortal spirituality,
transposition of misfortunes through care and self-denial
Auroral vision
Sharing of ecstasy and oblivion by the translation of Ego,
the heart shaped by the creed does not submit to betrayal:
Pain is the upheveal of flesh
A feeling that wafts on the dust that praises the shaking from the torpor,
pratical life outlines the virtue necessary for the union
The coalition of two surpass the one in perfection,
sovereign desire not to change the natur of secrecy in order not to transform the profound into ephimeral
Theaching by silent example of time that expands by impressing his signature
Sweet is the memory of a dead friend
Track Name: Human

The world of thousands is found into the world of emptiness
the only emotion joining us together is Hope
for egoism of for selflessness, being similar to our kins
we can find same solutions
The answer is not the purpose, "Why" is the aim and there's no conscient response
Undefined taking form
in a world who's not exist,
therefore in our common foolishness, the absurd that is reason erases its own existence,
I realize every day, at the same time I see,
Universe is just the image of an unappreciated thought
I don't know why but
in those lost lives,
In the unlistened wise
In those poor without name,
My similar long gone
And brother that i don't know yet,
I met truth
In my inability i try to tell what i feel
In utmost humilty
Track Name: Unassailable Preminence

Immutable connotation of the cognitive being,
undoubted ontological duplicator,
corrisponding probative knowledge of verticality,
geometric elevation from the pool of archetypes,
cosmological entity if infinite research,
indispensable relationship of the cause of ideas in eternal mimesis,
mathematical perspective that implies nothingness that referes to bodily illogicality, proven imperfect empirical partecipation,
plastic parallelism accomplished in the intellegible reincarnation,
sudden awakening of the spiritual shelter,
ethical antirelativism that imposes the weakness of the sense of judgement, where the subject falls apart on the interpretation of cosmos
Isolation necessary to mantain integrity,
the precariousness of health named by the precariousness of health
named by the diagram of an imperialism created by innatural intellect,
a culminating moment that will have nothing to show to the overridinf of the basic values,
Aberration with Hypocrisy
Immutable connotation of the cognitive being,
undoubted ontological duplicator,
corrisponding probative knowledge of verticality,
rotation movements lost in perfection's slumber
In solitude of thoughts I will see omniscience
to face the Abyss
and He will see me fearless
Track Name: Hymnocence

It starts with hate overpowering rage
but it's pain and frailty and revery
It ends with Death, shortness breah
but it's pain and cruelty and Hope
And the waves seems to cradle and push further and further away, time ceseas to be and crumble like ashes on Earth
A moment in space where the Soul meet illusion in a storm's enslavement
Cavernous sound drive to the light, revealing predominant obscurity, a safe way meanderings your mind
Celestial sound drive to your might
It ends with regret
and Hope
Track Name: Veil of Emotions

There is no truth
Sorrow corrodes while you're drowning in remorse
a singe tear destroys the autenticity, Veil of Emotions
Revealing the weakness behind the mask
A heart covered in stone makes you to kill.
Trudge and trudge, digging for your life
Questing for the end, wishing for the beginning on the verge of defeat
Satellites observe with their translucent sights, absolute merciless, revealing the observer disease,
With malignant clarity, suffocating dystopia: now is real.
Deads walking in the foolishness of their massification and survival unto this stream of feelings linked to the erebus
Trudge and trudge, digging for your life
Questing for the end, wishing for the beginning on the verge of defeat, Jupiter observes with his oppriment mind, absolute merciless, revealing the observer disease,
With malignant clarity, suffocating dystopia: a forced reality.
Life and death upon your sight, brink of despair enlightened by Nature

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